Wednesday, December 09, 2015

 Advent Prompts 3001-3025 -

 09 December 2015 - 05:48

3001 I thought you looked tired, not quite on your game
3002 May I never like Tony Blackburn
3003 I can't get out of the bath
3004 Like taxis, too expensive, but you have to get home
3005 Growing old is a crock of shit

3006 I love you like the five minute snooze at 0600
3007 That ever-damp, the finest rain that seems to rise from below us
3008 Here's the thing, do it again or think fuck it?
3009 Thinner than Tony Soprano, a bit more violent
3010 Scabs must be picked alone

3011 I am in a photo somewhere, if someone still has it.
3012 I would like to be lost in space, the world watching me, round and round a dead planet
3013 We could try growing you from your hairbrush
3014 A bit too early when the fields have that cold layer of dew
3015 The Catholic Raffle

3016 Riding the tank screaming full of schnapps
3017 Then you loaded me, fired, and watched too many die
3018 Paul rang; he's pissing blood
3019 Lying under a Sunday-morning car, stinking of sump
3020 If this is love it is somehow apart from the rest of things

3021 Dying is the easy part
3022 The memories like islands but the sea between them wide
3023 Another way of looking at it
3024 We got married for the LOLs
3025 My father had this long, thin scar

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