Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Advent Prompts 3826-3850

22 December 2015 - 10:15

3826 How dark the world becomes when silent
3827 Can we discuss your deformity?
3828 Now that is a quite marvellous interjection, Sir!
3829 It is quite possible to live without a heart
3830 And all the bells and whistles dear, don't forget

3831 Seventy-Five Trombones
3832 The other side is shadow. This side is dark
3833 Uncaring, unknowing, blind
3834 I reckon, in this old life, I've had four gardens, maybe five
3835 The circumstances we are in might be called difficult

3836 I did that. Look, it's almost level
3837 A sprout has escaped
3838 My father sang Volare, my mother never sang
3839 Pinafore 
3840 The Devil's off-duty and we are out on the piss

3841 I wish I'd had a name like Alistair Wellbegood
3842 Twelve very long months
3843 Cordwainer, Higgler, Executioner's Assistant
3844 Letter.
3845 Before the day is over, something bad will come

3846 When I was ten, I fell in thorns
3847 I would quite like martyrdom, to be a note in Wiki 
3848 Draw the curtains, be quiet
3849 It was cold so we set fire to the headmaster
3850 We are wrapped up, walking towards the summit

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