Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Advent Prompts 3526-3550

16 December 2015 - 05:59

3526 I heard before but now I know damn well he is a Dublin Man
3527 Living, if you can call it that
3528 They do not seem to understand that a huge salary is not motivation 
3529 Egg Nogg
3530 The tired brain is often thus afflicted

3531 I have no complaint about Russell's comments
3532 The Producer is in the doghouse
3533 My age is no-one's business
3534 I have a nagging feeling I have see that final simile before
3535 I have just one complaint, however

3536 I am doing another McClintock story but my heart is not in it.
3537 We live in an era where art is brutally traded
3538 I do not write for money or prestige. I write for love
3539 He took it all on with infinite good humour
3540 Film? Like the drip from a whore's cunt

3541 A man called Inkhammer did shots in my office. One of Hilda is art to my untrained eye
3542 There is something mischievously odd about all this
3543 The face in black and white, that instant is both life and a small piece of our death
3544 We are both impressed with your fiction
3545 It is nice to hear from you. I am sorry to hear your news

3546 I am fed up, fed up, fed up
3547 Ha ha. The fool! I actually schooled in Dulwich and have Latin and Greek
3548 She is very particular and I am badly behaved
3549 He is an idiot, obviously but sometimes idiots slip into fiendish places
3550 Again, I thank you for thinking of The Paris Review and will continue to show us your work

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