Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Advent Prompts 3801-3825

22 December 2015 - 06:35

3801 And, when you think of it, it's in black and white
3802  We called it a mountain but it was slag, high over the school
3803 "Starless and bible-black"
3804 It is a filthy, dirty business and there i evil in every owner's heart
3805 Crabtree Cottage

3806 But then I think: To begin at the beginning
3807 Pat adjusts his shoulder straps
3808 and we are blind too, not moles, not dead captains
3809 We slave for beer-money, by the wife a dress
3810 No, not really, my grandad was from Somerset

3811 131, The Celyn (these are huts)
3812 England, Wales and Monmouthshire
3813 Evans caught it while taking a shit
3814 Our exercise books has a map on the back
3815 Was a time when coal ruled the waves

3816 Newport, Cardiff, and other large places
3817 I think of you, of course, but I'm usually half-drunk and it's raining
3818 Sorry, I didn't mean to. Run it under a tap
3819 I seem to be getting a bit Welsh. I need to stop forthwith and apologise
3820 Tony Martin scratched his leg

3821 I am going to build a library in Cwmbran and fill it with poetry
3822 Out from the pits to be mown down in France
3823 The only Welsh poet I know is English and lives in Scotland
3824 I went to Mynndyslwyn but it had gone
3825 I might as well stop now

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