Thursday, December 17, 2015

Advent Prompts 3626-3650 

17 December 2015 - 11:45

3626 It is my 41st birthday but I'm lying about my age
3627 The Welshman, the Drunk: Whatsisname
3628 We hope to meet the Maharajah
3629 The fifty-two fallen children of this parish
3630 Mumsy, there is a strong smell of poo here

3631 Watching her dance, even while naked, inspires little sexual arousal
3633 Have you eaten?
3634 Wednesday: Zoo
3635 We drove into the country looking for a good butcher

3636 Read two books on sexual abnormalities: Good.
3637 We kissed in a cab as we left The Savoy
3638 It depends a good deal on one's education
3639 Colder then ever
3640 She rejected me somberley and without the slightest ambivalence

3641 Your spectacles and wallet are in the fire
3642 Pink and Fizzy Please
3643 The cook is called Bertha and she is very fat
3644 We stopped between Jacksonville and Mississippi 
3645 Every day, as I awake, my first thought is, "Why am I here?"

3646 The housewives of Baltimore need us
3647 He has a huge Newfoundland, and a raven. They are in love
3648 Ten eggs for two reels of cotton, pound of ham for a little wool
3649 They are draining the pus this afternoon
3650 Everything I look at reminds me of you.

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