Monday, December 07, 2015

Advent Prompts 2926-2950 -
07 December 2015 - 17:15

2926 In one sense a bastard, in all senses a twat
2927 The long, aching need for dry land
2928 These are my men, all fine drinkers
2929 We have a PRESIDENT, ha-ha-ha.
2930 Knaves, Varlets, Women in Trews

2931 We take Sunday Lunch Every Wednesday
2932 FISH
2933 You say the hills are pleasant, not unrelenting
2934 I do not desire to speak but will scream on command
2935 It takes a while to kill an obstinate man

2936 I could love you if you liked hummus
2937 I dream in many countries and of many times
2938 You may have the key, but the box is mine
2939 There are no shadows at night
2940 I cross the street to meet myself coming the other way

2941 I have lived in interesting times, important places 
2942 Borderlands
2943 You spoke Portuguese while you slept
2944 A Small Leather Notebook
2945 You will forget. You say you won't but you'll forget

2946 Photographers, biographers, hacks
2947 I like ships, hate cats.
2948 Examples in Dying, some not unpleasant
2949 It was a summer of showers and angst
2950 The homeless eat al fresco

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