Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Advent Prompts 4326-4350 

30 December 2015 - 20:20

4326 The leaves about our feet
4327 Carrying her luggage
4328 Harry Fucking Potter
4329 Old Vinyl
4330 We didn't meet at Paddington 

4331 A far better thing
4332 She has to work but she loves to polish
4333 I wouldn't say I was vicious
4334 I feel the nakedness of men abed
4335 This is a life I pretend to like

4336 A dirty bar close to the bridge
4337 Damn you Capulets!
4338 The Milk Train home
4339 Dreaming of dark trees swaying
4340 I once dated a dentist

4341 Welsh? Me? Non, Monsieur
4343 Earth has nothing to show more shitty
4344 The tribe will not fail to take revenge
4345 I do not rile easy Sir, but do not rile me

4346 I seek a house that looks so warm at night
4347 Just Kill it and go
4348 A photograph of his dead children
4349 We came from a little town where honour was the norm
4350 I would like a house on a crumbling cliff

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