Saturday, December 12, 2015

Advent Prompts 3251-3275 

3251 An Irish Daisy
3252 We could collect the data, graph the results to understand
3253 The Collected Essays of the Man Supposed to be Hitler
3254 A delight of morning birds
3255 Emails from Old Wives, our memories contradict

3256 A White-Washed Wall
3257 Cheers!
3258 The child  with chocolate, irreverent, death a white piano
3259 Poets of the Third World War
3260 Midnight rain, too much, too cold, and relentless

3261 That wasn't what I meant by "Pearl Necklace"
3262 Autumn here is profound, the reds and golds luxurious
3263 The Couch-Potato Company
3264 The older poets do not ring with me
3265 This is not a good ache

3266 They moved him into hospital for the last few weeks
3267 1919 more cruel than bullets, ever deadly
3268 One or two soldiers, a policeman for the papers
3269 As far as love is concerned, I would fail too easily on the black
3270 That moment when they are coming down the train

3271 Their photos on the bedroom ceiling, marks out of ten
3272 Blenkinsop's Miracle Tonic
3273 The government is asking for an extra hour a day, no breathing to save energy
3274 Sometimes it's like the pages are stuck together, the words bloody
3275 Luckily, I do not come from Sidcup

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