Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent Prompts 3926-3950 

24 December 2015 - 04:44

Christmas Eve

3926 His horses confused, gazing at their shit
3927 Why don't we run away together and be a hermit?
3928 Amis bored me shitless.
3929 No one quite knew what to make of it
3930 I fell in love with the daughter of a butcher

3931 The neurotic rooftop crying, "It's Slate, It's Slate, It's Slate!"
3932 That nice one where everyone thinks he's waving, "Look at me!"
3933 It may be amazing, but first you have to drown
3934  I went back to my father rutting, stopped all this
3935 It has been a perfectly ordinary day at the office (apart from that)

3936 The children love too play on the pylons. Freedom to explore is a right
3937 You have killed the wrong Jones
3938 He collapsed against some well, expired unceremoniously
3939 She is dead in that puddle, water lapping in and out her nostril
3940 Fire, acid, poison, and those who survive have a healthy disposition

3941 Aliens landed in Brussels, departed
3942 My great-grandfather, his throat cut in the kitchen, missing where he was from
3943 You'll go wrong on the way, but arrive nevertheless
3944 They will hang me. Their sons and their daughters will pray for me.
3945 Some men beat up the sweet-shop owner

3946 The sea children are back, singing in the square
3947 Two months, give or take the deaths of half of you
3948 They should film our operations, for us to watch in recovery
3949 Beautiful aircraft, staring with sky
3950 Don't go out, child, though I am paralysed

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