Monday, December 14, 2015

Advent Prompts 3351-3375 

14 December 2015 - 07:50

3351 One day we will elect a decent man
3352 We are waiting for an Angel
3353 A thing of beauty will piss you off forever
3354 McVitie, Christmas, Blenkinsop & Blenkinsop: Solicitors; Commissioners for Oaths
3355 There is no food unless we eat our horses

3356 He was dumb for many years and we presumed
3357 This is a private notice, do not read
3358 We are looking for a cave
3359 Come live with me and by my friend-with benefits
3360 I have never spoken of this

3361 I see dee birds, dee birds see me, all of dee monkey ent in dee tree
3362 I am lifted these days only by daffodils
3363 We are a long way from the other side of this darkness but there is light somewhere
3364 Sweet Potato
3365 I am a man now, mother

3366 Here is a list of questions not yet asked
3367 I have become close friends with a lamppost
3368 Riddle-me this, Batman!
3369 Rich men will build huge needles, bigger and bigger eyes
3370 A Town Called Alice and a long, cold beer

3371 This is how it is, whether or not you say it
3372 Please find enclosed, with this letter, a letter for your mistress
3373 The complex machinations of ex-wifery
3374 For twenty years I grew, in a fashion, even as part of me became less
3375 This, Fuck, re-arrange.

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