Saturday, December 26, 2015

Advent Prompts 4101-4125 
26 December 2015 - 13:55

Boxing Day III

4101 To bed early, with mistress
4102  Why is poetry so much an older man's comfort?
4103 Only solution defenestration
4104 Bombings, murders, physical assaults still continuing
4105 These sad little coastal towns on the North Sea

4106 The tension makes me physically ill
4107 All those women growing old
4108 I have touched jane Austen's desk
4109 High has been obliged to go to Nice for ten days
4110 Dined with the Johnsons at their villa in Naples

4111 Little doing -- long bath
4112 Elizabeth went off this morning to visit with Harold. I am in agony
4113 New Yorker rang. Did I have a story?
4114 She is about forty, with a cute but strained face
4115 Amazing caterpillars, brilliant blacks and yellows

4116 The Japs will sue for peace now
4117 An old admirer has died
4118 I would like to join the Irish Flea-Keepers Association
4119 A mix of elation and terror
4120 The papers are full of this doomsday bomb

4121 Oh, I have had such a miserable night.
4122 Long-haired brats with head lice
4123 A fat mother opposite with a horrible bawling baby
4124 A boy-child refusing to open his eyes
4125 JB had a headache, then a full-on, terrible brain haemorrhage 

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