Friday, December 11, 2015

Advent Prompts 3226-3250 - 

11 December 2015 - 21:50

3226 My face itching, eyes burning
3227 A distance in your shoes
3228 It's a straight-forward choice
3229 They have come to destroy my country
3230 It's her seventeenth birthday

3231 I leave by the front door, you the rear
3232 TYRANT!
3233 The fox will kill for food, for fun
3234 And of course, scenes of strong violence
3235 There are too many things, too much to consider

3236 Clicking "SEND" a second too early
3237 Once there were only men and the vague smell of something else
3238 I bought you Rose, Quality Street
3239 Your hair between my fingers
3240 A Sergeant Calls

3241 The difference between morality and mortality
3242 HOWL!
3243 Then out of the blue you called me Heinz
3244 Cock, balls, arseholes, snatch
3245 We are at the top, the few spectacular

3246 I would use a compass if I had one
3247 Beats per Minute
3248 Sign up NOW!
3249 Another consideration is the machete in my hand
3250 I remember kicking something

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