Monday, December 07, 2015

Advent Prompts 2951-2975 -

07 December 2015 - 21:20

2951 The heart is powerful. In a lifetime it can lift a battleship. In a second it can lift a life
2952 I may have forgotten how to love you
2954 Probably we'll have sex; maybe we will make love
2955 Now you have come to me, I need you to stay

2956 Nothing is even, nothing is absolutely straight
2957 We are barely voices, blowing in a storm
2958 The disallowed things we do not talk about
2959 I thought I was tough
2960 We drink our wine steadily with little to cheer us

2961 The sky is falling, but don't worry, it's very soft
2962 I loved you most the few times that you needed me
2963 Microphone
2964 I come from darker parts but I am not a stranger
2965 I am wrapped in silver paper, stuck with glue

2966 I am like a dark dead-end, late on a Monday night
2967 It is a very quiet bomb, almost benign
2968 We hurt each other with stunning regularity
2969 What we need most, right now, is a little more time
2970 Consider the gravity of your situation

2971 The sad fact of never finding love
2972 Then at midnight, a light came
2973 You would hear the valley well up, the men singing Myfanwy
2974 Some things are dying, some are already dead
2975 It is over. That is all.

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