Sunday, December 27, 2015

Advent Prompts 4151-4175
26 December 2015 - 23:59

Boxing Day V

4151 When you've been alone a while longer...
4152 Chinese White
5153 Like lambs without the knife
4154 Big tits, sells oranges
4155 You have the right face for me, and heart

4156 The History of Lego
4157 Oh, no, it isn't!
4158 There is a cold field, and as the mist rises...
4159 Call it dead.
4160 The kids called it Aber Mountain

4161 I cannot stay awake
4162 The world cracked open, air rushing in
4163 Maggie tried to kiss me
4164 I'm late, but at least I'm here
4165 Try not to tell the truth

4166 Slugs, Slugs, Slugs, Salt
4167 It's like perpetual February
4168 A Big Yellow Bus
4169 Dad's Army
4170 I have never been here. I am not here now

4171 We must stay aware of winter
4172 We are almost done!
4173 I have fallen off
4174 We just couldn't help it -- we sang and sang
4175 Summer is too hot, Autumn dull

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