Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent Prompts 3951-3975

24 December 2015 - 09:44

3951 If the sky was like the sea and yet we breathed below it
3952 I would like a striped coffin, a false dick sticking through
3953 A day too soon, a minute to late, a bridge too far
3954 You smelt of smoke and something else
3955 Madame, I detest poor punctuality

3956 The clocks are stopped but the seconds tick on on iPhones
3957 Steep roads, the better when we return
3958 They are teaching the prisoners violin
3959 On my knees, red polish under my nails
3960 Pick me, from a hundred thousand and one

3961 I am going to stop milking cows and marry a man from the city
3962 Budgerigar Wharf? Why does that sound ridiculous?
3963 The women come, the women go, and it is never light
3964 Very well, we will call it even.
3965 I would like to repair old things, and then myself

3966 That is what piss-poor means
3967 With his marmalade under his hat
3968 Every policeman is a helmet.
3969 Dog shit to make my lady's leather so.
3970 Blocking out the sun

3971 It is difficult to live in Sarajevo
3972 For the show-and-tell this week we all made bombs.
3973 I would like a new hammock and a good strong knife
3974 We think Ahmed's father helped. It is not fair if that's his job
3975 I am opening up a marshmallow mine in Peru

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