Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Advent Prompts 4276-4300

29 December 2015 - 04:32

4276 At thee same time, that suggests you are perhaps obsessional
4277 and we believe long-distance running helps
4278 I am thinking of daffodils, and those little blues and purples and whites
4279 There is a stillness filling me up
4280 While we recognise it is the law

4281 While we appreciate the removal of your womb
4282 Perhaps a small curtain under your desk
4283 The people I knew, like tired sheep trudging home through fog
4284 and the necessity for a separate bathroom
4285 A tight bodice to eliminate any suggestion of a breast

4286 Please make my grave a circle with a roundabout beneath
4287 Could you change your name?
4288 It is possible, however, that you may disturb certain members of staff
4289 Consider, too the conversations at tea
4290 I apologise to whoever today's God is

4291 Your qualifications are undeniable
4292 The gentleman have a certain way, various habits
4293 The weightless perfection of a kiss
4294 We prefer, if possible, to minimise bodily functions
4295 and "undulations" too

4296 But if I'm asked did you get what you wanted from this life, I'll say no
4297 Chepstow, Raining
4298 I like the word "dolorous" but I won't use it in this poem
4299 Please fee; assured we will be writing again soon
4300 My new yellow wellies

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