Monday, December 28, 2015

Advent Prompts 4251-4275

28 December 2015 - 04:27

4251 Just me and my mother, walking to the shops
4252 I am thinking Tate & Lyle and Golden Spoon
4253 There was  song like that, very sad, and if you heard it it bounced around your head
4254 Six dollars and nineteen cents
4255 Tap shoes and hard fists

4256 This is the time of too many things
4257 My Father, My Uncle Tom
4258 Sputnik
4259 Not everyone has an elder sister
4260 If there are this many girls, the same of boys, and all inclined the same way

4261 Why would anyone make pasta?
4262 When they have italic explanations before line one
4263 We squeezed into a taxi and set off in hope
4264 Too many Ws for sure
4265 These are important things but too soon other important things overtake them

4266 Surely a God would ban floods at Xmas
4267 A disinterested God, and yet in summer there's less news?
4268 Make every bullet count, whites of their eyes
4269 The bar full of Belgian soldiers, wolves, bears
4270 Face it, this is a dirty rotten life

4271 It was World War Three
4272  I dream of head-scarved women working at oily looms
4273 Some of the daddies maybe, a few gay
4274 We have failed magnificently and that's enough
4275 I sing the song of a woman I have never met

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