Thursday, December 31, 2015

Advent Prompts 4351-4375

31 December 2015 - 04:20

4351 She fails to see Larry walking past the church
4352 Pereq was very handsome in his uniform
4354 Larry wakes at 03:50. takes a piss
4355 A meal, a beautiful white fish, but he is sad 

4356 Her under a street-light thumbing
4357 In the Blue Bung, they went this close
4358 Well, bugger me, I'm dead
4359 Tin Can
4360 His face have been full of worry

4361 My little three-wheeler
4362 When we all went out, picking blackberries
4363 Always one eye out through the class window
4364 I asked nurse if I could marry Maria
4365 I picked apples

4366 When a bullet goes by, it's like a buzz
4367 Particularly day, particularly cold
4368 When I was a little boy I had a small truck that carried bricks
4369 From the water the moon is half cloud-rubbed, half cliff-hidden
4370 It is an over-eagerness in him, not rudeness

4371 The moon above the island
4372 The woman was fat. Her can was pink
4353 Friday afternoon, very cold
4374 She steps from the train, waits for the crowd to swallow her up
4375 Happy as Larry

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