Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Advent Prompts 3051-3075 

 09 December 2015 - 11:49

3051 The foam of far oceans, the sound of nearby winds
3052 To dream of men dreaming, to sing of songs
3053 I am mountain
3054 Ten thousand tents, a hundred thousand spears
3055 A lake so deep it's black, like the heart of my husband

3056 Imagine, I have a penis and vagina
3057 The perfect loveliness of snow before sullied
3058 The eyes of dead fish
3059 Madam, your baby has gone down the plug'ole
3060 Chees & Wine with the resident rapist

3061 Various and Varicose
3062 The rivers float uphill, rebellious
3063 Like the linen loves the iron
3064 If only things here repeated themselves
3065 Rise up, throw off your shawls and sing!

3066 Like Gatsby and dark
3067 I dropped a poem into a mouse. It died.
3068 And the heavy men walking, singing Myfanwy
3069 Steel!
3070 There is danger here; close up this book!

3071 There are marks upon the bank, horses, angry men
3072 Rowing with a single oar
3073 Boiled Eggs
3074 I am walking on manicured lawns
3075 There is a perverse, psychotic mutuality here.

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