Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advent Prompts 3126-3150 - 
10 December 2015 - 21:43

3126 So I says, "Fuck this for a bunch of soldiers..."
3127 I was just wondering, what the fuck exactly is Lea & Perrins Sauce?
3128 It's OK, we are out of range
3129 Poems need big words like sarcophagus, plutonium, and spelt.
3130 Dash out the brains. By the third it will be easy.

3131 Erstwhile, that's another word
3132 I raced once, on Parliament Hill. God it was tough!
3133 Carnage.
3134 My family, in quite a lot of small pieces
3135 I am full of emptiness, of journeys uncompleted (and shit)

3136 A less than salubrious Primary in Essex
3137 I have a tin-foil hat but really, chanting works just as well
3138 Children dream of Empires, but not subjects
3139 Radiant inner heart counter-tracking epicycloidal? Will you just fuck the fuck OFF?
3140 Would a parrot ever be a suitable gift for an orphan?

3141 I kind of know I am going to get the shits
3142 I have a very average cock
3143 He is polite, impressive, suppressing any yawn
3144 I set the alarm for Oh-five-twenty-five, meaning, if I'm a wimp I get five minutes
3145 Like a darts champion, fit, slim, worked out.

3146 Is it different fucking a widow?
3147 Somewhere underneath here it is still winter
3148 So I said to the other half, fuck off, you're joking, right?
3149 If it wasn't for this cancer, like, I'd be quite hairy
3150 I have never been to Venice but once watched "Don't Look Now"

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