Saturday, December 26, 2015

Advent Prompts 4051-4075

26 December 2015 - 06:11

Boxing Day

4051 So O'Keefe leans in and says 
4052 We've never really been close
4053 You are not you without your glasses
4054 You cannot paint a moving river
4055 I shall refer to myself in the third person. There is a third person in this marriage.

4056 I am pissing blood
4057 Your three letters are now to hand
4058 Pomegranate green tea, a street-cleaning machine outside
4059 I caught a fish made of stone
4060 Message to my grandson

4061 The man runs a dismal painted-furniture shop
4062 I have no problem with who he loves, only the manner
4063 We have brought you up on iPads. You try to swipe pages
4064 The Zulu is a fiendish fighter
4065 People with cancer are selfish, mostly

4066 The red Coat, I suppose, and the Martin Henry, and that long bayonet
4067 I feel I might write more if I left the bank
4068 The biggest boil on my arse
4069 So this, this is poetry
4070I feel the need to say something learned and profound

4071 I am afraid you may have become anxious. So sorry
4072 This be fucked
4073 Dad, I said, don't die while they're still playing
4074 Can you be tempted up to town this evening?
4075 Orbison was a strange looking fellah

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