Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Advent Prompts 3426-3450 

15 December 2015 - 09:20

3426 What if The Sun and The Daily Mail had a baby?
3427 I have a shiny AK47
3428 When I was a barrister I loved cleaning up
3429 Mrs Brown, to be fair, your daughter IS lovely
3430 Flowers or Bayonets?

3431 Black, the pink, some white, aquamarine
3432 A squadron of pigs has been spotted flying over London
3434 The shaming of Rose Murphy
3435 There are rumours of my imminent death

3436 Lifebuoy, Old Spice, Pepsodent
3437 Twenty per cent of people are more than one in five
3438 I wanted to be in a skiffle group but I was shit
3439 The Houses of Firmament
3440 I am so very, very tired

3441 I will get it right this time
3442 Love is always having to say you're sorry
3444 We could listen to The Hollies? That usually works
3445 Fish and chips, but never soggy batter

3446 I'm not sure about the Chinese
3447 I would have liked painting, I think, or being a rock-star
3448 We live in a house called Bicker, in Argument Street, Lesser Contretemps
3449 Jelly-Babies for Xmas
3450 I will come back and edit my obituary 

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