Friday, December 18, 2015

Advent Prompts 3676-3700 

18 December 2015 - 21:30

3676 I would not mind it if the evening was a little cooler
3677 We are going on a long journey
3678 My desire for women disturbs me
3679 Good night's sleep. Feeling far more chipper!
3680 Spent the morning forging papers.

3681 The newsboys are saying The Titanic is sunk!
3682 Burden Park, Ibrox, Hillsboro
3683 Limp sandwiches, Coca-Cola
3684 Some sort of siege at the Spaghetti House
3685 Many South Vietnamese drowned

3686 Virginia: coffee at The British Library
3687 The great tragedy of the South
3688 The Fuhrer is a great admirer of the Greeks
3689 Dreadful news from Paris
3690 The negro problem

3691 I have a private audience with the Pope. Me and 5,000 others
3692 No writing this year. I am readying myself.
3693 I came home to a wife dressed in black, surprised to see me
3694 It seems I always arrive just as the train has left
3695 A tiny, doll-like girl, a face far too white

3696 My father, a corporal, three airmen, a yellow bulldozer
3697 He had volunteered but he was black.
3698 My head pounding, I am older
3699 Behind all those bobbing, docile faces
3700 Fear is the basis of love

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