Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Advent Prompts 4301-4325
29 December 2015 - 23:05

4301 The eyes of a rattler
4302 I have a few farthings
4303 I have lost weight lately and I tire easily
4304 Tomorrow might be possible 
4305 We bought a water bed and started to drift apart

4306 After sixty a man should not worry over trifles
4307 I told my dog about you
4308 Give me a bad haircut please
4309 My wife would like to have luncheon with you
4310 I am very, very tired. Tired enough to die

4311 So pleased to hear you are returning
4312 I'm doing an experiment
4313 The Zen of Washing-Up
4314 I shut the door
4315 I am in bed, outside it rains

4316 The lamps are being re-lit
4317 How it is in the valley
4318 I am waiting for the moment. It will come
4319 At Euston Station
4320 I got married when I was seventy-three

4321 The view when we open the French window
4322 Behave!
4323 I'm just a bloke in a dust-coat
4324 A man contemplates a wall
4325 Rise above it, float

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