Saturday, December 26, 2015

Advent Prompts 4126-4150

26 December 2015 - 21:05

Boxing Day IV

4126 We drank tea together in Fearis's
4127 Catastrophe! Our President is dead.
4128 Ugly tables, ugly people, ugly food.
4129 Ah, this growing old.
4130 It is not a good day

4131 I am greatly troubled by certain dreams
4132 Not a good word spoken about anyone. Very funny
4133 A heavy cloud hangs over Europe
4134 I would like an extra egg
4135 Try to avoid complications, dear

4136 Thatcher has gone!
4137 His company has gone sky high, many debts
4138 They have run away together, to Anglesey of all places.
4139 This is not so and never can be.
4140 Nottingham. Horrible undergraduates

4141 A woman with a face like a dead squirrel
4142 People like different books at different times
4143 I am not convinced about kissing
4144 Several cold baths
4145 At night walking through Covent Garden

4146 My husband has become his mother
4147 A Pitiable Show
4148 With Colonel P, consumed a lot of port
4149 A pain which made him vomit twice over
4150 These are the sorts of things careless people say

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