Wednesday, January 06, 2016

 January Prompts 4776-4800 

 06 January 2016 - 03:00

4776  I think it will always be like this. We should plan our escape
4777 We may be up a gumtree
4778  It's a man-sized piece of work
4779 Dammit the bastard taped him to a chair and blew out his brains
4780 2%

4781 I know we should do something, but what?
4782 A howling triumph from the word go
4783 I sometimes hanker after Dundee Cake. I am a wretch!
4784 We are nearly done in
4785 The blood and the bowels of the times we live in

4786 They live in an old Victorian place just up the road from us
4787 Totally new, and yet it felt familiar
4788 I feel like I have known you forever
4789  Like an ageing poof on the Antiques Road Show
4790 That is how thing usually finish

4791 What do they teach you people in those stuck-up schools?
4792 All those pretty, oblique references blown away in a sentence
4793 Others have admired it, but they mewl and fawn about generalities
4794 Your own guts are there, Sir, on the bloody page!
4795 That was the first intelligent letter I'd received

4796 I believe we are approaching the calamity blindfold
4797 It is a place where it is easy to die
4798 He has gone all hot gospel over you
4799 I am down to 4% and need to be careful
4800 Finally, we are out of the latrines and into open air

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