Friday, January 15, 2016

January Prompts 5326-5350 

15 January 2016 - 20:05

5326 I have been waiting a long, long time
5327 The midwife slapped you, you punched her back
5328 The bus swings into the square
5329 Tell me about her. Did she make things happen?
5330 Luckily, God is Welsh

5331 The gangster with his gun
5332 Bread-crums, egg, drips of soup
5333 A Four Day Spectacular
5334 The people who have lived here and died elsewhere
5335 Here is the idea. Go ahead and destroy it.

5336 According to the poet, it began in sixty-three
5337 Thieves have knocked down the fence again
5338 Can someone please open a window
5339 The gale blew away the house but left the roof
5340 I would like a pretty girl who worked in Woolworths

5341 As practical as six foot of four-by-two
5342 Until next week, goodbye
5343 No veneer but is this really oak?
5344 I am not convinced I ever had a father
5345 Time had slipped away from us

5346 At the click of a few fingers
5347 Ten thousand men, being silly in unison
5348 I have asked the house to clean itself
5349 Oh God! You married me!
5350 Will I be crooked, can I be rich?

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