Monday, January 11, 2016

January Prompts 5126-5150 

11 January 2016 - 21:30

5126 It was supposed to be in Edgware Road
5127 My father makes the fire
5128 The flubby mass of frogspawn by the lock
5129 Up through the dingle, clump across the park
5130 If i was rich, some leather luggage please

5131 The excitement of places never seen, the smell of sulphur
5132 The size, it roaring past, the dogs apoplectic 
5133 A woman with a chicken in her lap
5134 I built my house on stilts, it isn't complicated
5135 A set of metal knees and stapled skin

5136 He was going to be a writer but he died
5137 to keep the meal in
5138 She could hold a note, that one
5139 A little flash of white, oh God
5140 That Easter I got away on time

5141 A game of football like as not
5142 The train was full but first-class empty
5143 I might have been a priest, except for Latin
5144 Opposite, trying not to see her legs
5145 Sometimes a train, moving slowly, feels like a tank, growling

5146 I'm nineteen soon, and then I'll get a job
5147 A Hen Party on the Platform, trying to be awful
5148 I am ignorant, even of the basics
5149 The stage are off in Amsterdam getting wasted
5150 I nearly had a Facebook friend. It was a wrong number

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