Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Prompts 5451-5475 

18 January 2016 - 09:00

5451 Other people's happiness arouses great bitterness in me
5452 He was enormously elated by Birmingham
5453 What happened here?
5454 Young, briefly flowering girls, promenading
5455 Some sort of oversight

5456 Talking to my first wife
5457 Sorry
5458 Strange moans from the next room
5459 We road for two or more hours, passing Evesham
5460 We talked about the enduring power of love

5461 No man has any use for a woman over forty
5462 Really, we shall be as bad as France soon
5463 A number of casualties in the port
5464 They are blaming the Irish though nothing has been admitted
5465  STUB

5466 Blank.
5467 The hero and the heroine pretended to be squirrels
5468 OOPS!
5469 A number of children have been dug out, all, so far, dead.
5470 The characters, the plot, the actual story, is trivial detail

5471 I put my hand on her thigh and received no objection.
5472 So many artists are thin
5473 My first intention was that Madame would be a chaste old maid
5474 Wilson was in bed eating kippers
5475 Should this be found, I want these facts recorded

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