Thursday, January 07, 2016

January Prompts 4851-4875 

07 January 2016 - 07:00

4851 I am 83 years of age I believe
4852 The owner of Pencoedcae was Harry John Harry
4853 He was brother to Jenkin John Harry
4854 I cannot say when I was born but I am 83 years old
4855 Jenkin John Harry lived at Penrhiw Darren. That is the name of his farm

4856 I do not know anything about Pentremawr Colliery , I never worked there.
4857 I worked underground with my brother at Pennar Colliery when I was 8 years old
4858 I once went into Cwmcaedee Colliery when I was a boy after rabbits
4859 I do not now what belonged exactly to Abercarne estate
4860 I worked at Penner when I was eight and I was hauling after that.

4861 There was a field owned by lady Llanover. I was not under that.
4862 William Phillips was the owner of the land
4863 I remember very well when the battle of Waterloo was fought
4864 Jenkins and Vaughan were the owners of the coal when I was there
4865 I was cutting coal then at Pennar Level

4866 Jenkins paid me for working
4867 Edward Shon y Gof's pit was 24 yards deep
4868 I was a haulier once I became big enough
4869 40 or 50 men were there at the same time with me
4870 There were four horses

4971 The men worked all week except when they were ill
4872 I was hauling from when I was 9 till I was 12
4873 The coal came down this way to the canal there
4874 There was a tramway to the canal. I can show you it now
4875 The coal was sold as County Coal

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