Friday, January 22, 2016

January Prompts 5001-5025
22 January 2016 - 04:15

5001 He is the kind of enemy we need
5002 I am having far too much fun here
5003 I am now down to a single cigarette before lunch
5004 We ended up in the canteen eating sausages at midnight
5005 So much has changed this last six months
5006 I am uncertain as to the true nature of the man
5007 For the past two days there has been no food
5008 We ate macaroni in the darkness
5009 Completely ruined, hunted by bailiffs
5010 We have found an old fisherman’s house near the harbour
5011 There are Hungarians selling stolen goods
5012 Someone started playing the piano
5013 The small dramas of the countryside
5014 The public must be kept happy for now
5015 For a walk in Hyde Park, to sun myself
5016 I am unused to such attention
5017 Found some potato peelings; excellent soup
5018 Lamppost
5019 I awake and hear the clock mocking me
5020 We all crammed in to Dizzy’s car and set off
5021 My desire for women still troubles me
5022 Sir, you had better go to your room!
5023 He just wanted to sing
5024 Fifty prisoners of war have arrived
5025 Slept well; fighting fit

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