Sunday, January 03, 2016

Just had this written on my blog

"You get banned from other writing sites, because you're an asshole, (despite publication) you can't write, and you're absolute shit as a human being. on"

I don't normally post or re-post "anon"

Cowards post anonymously.

This person posted anonymously.

This person is a coward.

I'm 99.9% certain this person is a failed writer.

I think the comment is hilarious.

First, consider this, I haven't been active on another site for something like seven years, yet someone admires me so much he or she still reads my blog, still posts to my blog.

You get the picture?

At the top of this blog I admit to bannings. I am deeply proud to be banned from places for telling the truth.

The internet is overflowing with places where people lie to each other in a mutual masturbation love-fest.

They keep lying. They consider praise from other liars as proof they are doing it right.

And then they are published in top magazines... 


Meanwhile I am writing (this blast) an average of 3,362 words a day, quality work. I will post the titles (a few months in arrears) and where the works are published, what prizes they have won.

Seriously 18 (EIGHTEEN) first prizes, well in excess of fifty 2nds/3rds/4ths and short-listings, twice second in the Bridport Prize, fourth, final fifty a few times, five mainstream novels, a collection of short-stories published, and still I "can't write"?

Are every one of these judges wrong? Are a hundred or so judges wrong? Was Headline wrong to give me a three-book deal as an unknown and publish me four times? 

Were Piatkus Books wrong when they gave me a two book deal?

Was St Martin's Press wrong to publish me in the US?

Were the judges wrong to shortlist my first novel for an international prize?

Was the Arts Council wrong to give me a bursary?

Were they idiots at Eclectica and The Alsop Review when they printed me in their Best of Anthologies?

I could go on, but the point is "Anonymous" is probably some sad little person (obviously, since s/he posted anonymous bile for the sheer spite of it)... Clearly s/he secretly has the hots for me (it's OK, you get used to it over time) but the descending red-mist seems to have blown judgement out of the window.

Is this person a brilliant writer? Is he or she a deeply-trained, serious academic and a centre of knowledge in all-things-short-story, is he or she a famous critic?

Come out of the closet, Anon!

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