Friday, January 15, 2016

January Prompts 5276-5300 

15 January 2016 - 05:35

5276 I am thinking about the red tractor
5277 Why Spring is a bigger deal than Summer
5278 A man and a woman sit silent in a seaside cafe
5279 I fee; as if I should be making arrangements
5280 Death of the band

5281 I am too tired, Mum, too tired
5282 How the shoot seeks the sun
5283 PLUMS
5284 There is a salt smell and something else, raucous and unpleasant
5285 It is nearly over, just relax

5286 Barry Island then, the trip was like winning the pools
5287 We thought the dads going to the pub was something that was necessary
5288 A few tons of meat
5289 If they were speaking he would say she fills him up with light
5290 Mothers were fat and didn't sit well

5291 It is five in the morning and yet I want a steak
5292 Outside is creeping in
5293 She would say, he makes her feel like she is wrapped up warm
5295 The dead silences of a shipless shipyard

5296 Both of them have given up smoking but they would like a cigarette
5297 How the fingers split, like spiked guns letting in air
5298 I have seen them as light rises, seen them at the end too
5299 and doctor's rubber gloves sticky with something
5300 Among the Postal-Orders and Registered Letters

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