Saturday, January 23, 2016

January Prompts 5051-5075 

23 January 2016 09:50

5051 At night, him, walking alone down an inner-city street
5052 I am intact, sort of
5053 I doubt your dreams are valuable
5054 I am done, I am done, I am done
5055 It is all ruins, and appalling

5056 Mad as a hat full of cats
5057 Your black looks, your interminable tragedy
5058 Well-FUCK-you
5059 Pull it in and let’s go home
5060 You sail back in on a tide of whisky

5061 A virginal swan with a dirty filthy mind
5062 I would like to go to Cuba
5063 What is it about this particular wife?
5064 No, I really hate her poetry, but that one poem
5065 A big cat’s following me

5066 We have filled the mattress with mud
5067 Tart Art
5068 The lit dark chambers of the eyes
5069 It is not my heart. My lungs are beating
5070 We begin silver slivers without sex

5071 The sharp silver of taps and chain, the white
5072 We came over the moor-top, the car sputtering
5073 OK, very occasionally, I desire a little
5074 We have painted over the cracks

5075 Let me stow some largesse upon you

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