Saturday, January 09, 2016

January Prompts 5001-5025

09 January 2016 - 06:30

5001 I will have to leave in an hour
5002 To Whom it May Concern this is my final words
5003 Let's build it first, worry about the foundations later
5004 Excuse me, but I own this sky
5005 The weather outside is frightening

5006 I rowed a boat. I flew a plane
5007 Once upon a time, there was a nice Mummy and a nice daddy
5008 I worry about this silence. it forebodes
5009 Some light is filtering through
5010 Lark's eggs

5011 Will next, the BBC, engineer a death on screen?
5012 Like copper, there is my rock and through me you erupted then solidified
5013 From your BBC Reporter, Embedded with ISL, Syriah
5014 Death is the Captain of the Ship
5015 This was the day before the explosion, when Thomas Thomas hung himself

5016 He was splattered all over the runway
5017 Trust Me, I'm a Tory
5018 I remember when I just liked to be with girls
5019 It is a perfection of a kind, but to others write horrible
5020 The light through a stained glass window, in a house in Leamington Spa

5021 A saucepan, full of pain, simmering
5022 I mean seriously, would you? Read a pet called Fred Bloggs?
5023 What would it be like to be the most important worm in the field?
5024 Snow falling, night falling. It is not good
5025 "Take the cylinders out of my kidneys"

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