Friday, January 29, 2016

January Prompts 5651-5675

28 January 11:45

5651 We ride the seconds in the minute, the hour
5652 Babies don’t make love stronger; they move its focus
5653 I am getting seriously pissed
5654 Man was born to wander
5655 Your parents are not your parents

5656 Opening my arms to the light
5657 It is six o’clock in the morning, weather grey
5658 This is your hand, these are your feet; your tongue
5659 My son’s failures are mine
5660 Fish, paper, evening

5661 Here is the real world, not as simple as a book
5662 I have a little sister, not too pretty
5663 Remember what I am saying, remember
5664 Nourish, care, be there, but never own the child
5665 I wish you joy; I wish you what I never had

5666 If you prosper, be generous to others
5667 I wished something nice for you, but I wasn’t specific
5668 My wife was in pain last night
5669 Here, my daughter, perfection
5670 Do not hate those who hate you

5671 Dear World, here is my son
5672 Did you really come from everywhere?
5673 A child, born, does not imagine time
5674 There will be no crying
5675 Life goes by, a blur, grey, a hum

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