Wednesday, January 06, 2016

January Prompts 4826-4850 

06 January 2016 - 21:00

4826 Barring troubles she now expects to settle on Berkley
4827 Onion Sandwiches
4828 They will throw me out soon
4829 Tongue and Cock and Hand
4830 Tomorrow I will pay a visit to the barber's

4831 Some bastard stole my plums from the fridge
4832 The working powers can fail when love is thwarted
4834 There is something faintly off in a man who's good in the kitchen
4835 It is a simple enough question

4836 We are in Devon. Peace, solitude, clean air. Bugger London!
4837 Bath, bed early
4838 I doubt if it is an original idea
4839 Last night, no bedclothes, woke freezing
4840 A TINY little house, painted bright blue 

4841 I am sending a cheque for a million dollars
4842 We thought about keeping chickens, but that would involve work
4843 An Albanian Hotel-Keeper
4844 Choose your weapon, Sir!
4845 Perhaps I will write The History of the Heart

4846 I dislike circuses intensely
4847 I will pick you up at Kings Cross. Hope that suits!
4848 The hermits pair off occasionally
4849 Hot milk, treacle and brandy, Vick on the chest
4850 Crises create strange bedfellows

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