Friday, January 01, 2016

January Prompts 4501-4525

01 January 2016 - 09:30

4501 When first you catch your breath
4502 Listen, no. LISTEN!
4503 I stand on corners and ask, "Are you a poet?"
4504 Some women feel everything, some less
4505 You have not killed your father

4506 With my puppy on the bus
4507 We are on the edge of remembering. It is dark in front of us
4508 Some of us once had bulges in our trousers
4509 Go for a swim. Yes there are many sharks, but swim
4510 I am the odd woman that nobody invited

4511 The school is closed today (Plague)
4512 Disregard me, I am menopausal
4513 Yesterday morning we rose. Tomorrow morning we may rise
4514 It might be an hallucination, as I.
4515 I find myself surrounded by unknowns

4516 I would like to be an actor. I could pretend to be me
4517 Sometimes even the mechanics of a towel are difficult
4519 I rang me to see if I was in but I didn't pick up
4520 Whales, dolphins and other fish

4521 There are sad people outside, waiting for me
4522 It's me-ma, me-ma, me-ma!
4523 I have never been to Maryland
4524 I coulda bin a contender
4525 Sometimes I dream I'm dreaming

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