Monday, January 04, 2016

 January Prompts 4726-4750

 04 January 2016 - 23:59

4726 Found in some garbage somewhere
4727 When she opens her compact she sees another face
4728 None of them will die well
4729 An old cowboy with not too many teeth
4730 Not as old as a hill-fort but pretty damn old

4731 We follow the rope, unable to see
4732 I knocked it off quite quickly
4733 A sandal, a button, a finger
4734 There are gross errors throughout, and no punctuation
4735 Eating Grandma

4736 My turn in charge of darkness
4737 Bingo on the Pier, Hall of Mirrors, Tunnel of Love
4738 I imagine many things in your history
4739 The Detective always falls for some broad
4740 Gatwick at 3 AM

4741 She was the tallest and the blondest
4742 Bucket, Spade, Sandwiches, Sand
4743 Thin walls, loud lovers
4744 For a murderess I would say she is quite restrained
4745 I am the noise you hear creeping

4746 Would you like to see my cellar?
4747 I have had a bad case of the flu
4748 Fuck this poem. Fuck that poem
4749 Poor acting, poor directing, shit script. But apart from that...
4750 It is one of my peculiarities, for which I apologise

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