Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Prompts 5226-5250 

13 January 2016 - 23:00

5226 Trees, Water, Sky. It is not unusual
5227 I am almost done, Madam
5228 On a slow train in a jungle, drinking red wine
5229 Avoid the leeches and the rain. I suggest October or November
5230 Let me consider your proposition

5231 I have not been here before
5232 How the snake rises up to be sure
5233 We are all waiting, believing something must happen
5234 I am falling asleep
5235 As the roof is taken by the wind

5236 How it is in the darkest times
5237 Caerphilly, Abergavenny
5238 Something will come and she will be lifted up from here
5239 The certain obscure difficulty of Samson Brown
5240 Abseiling

5241 The view from Galway Hill
5242 There are protected places where we do not go
5243 Better people by far, than I
5244 A bank-manager, a deputy-head, a police inspector
5245 The exact nature of the furlong

5246 Become my servant so that I might save you
5247 I am empty
5248 A gentle orderly with a beautiful body
5249 Rise then, and take the wind, breathe in and laugh
5250 This, then, shall be our epitaph

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