Friday, January 22, 2016

January Prompts 5026-5050 

22 January 2016 11:30

5026 Wilmington, Folks. Fifteen minutes!
5027 I think we all cried. I certainly did.
5028 A small town with a leafy street
5029 Limped home minus one shoe, searchlights everywhere
5030 Two columns for the dead, blacks, whites

5031 The station is closed, guarded by two policemen
5032 Spotted Dickens, walking through Soho
5033 She is quite funny and actually well-informed
5934 The roads have eaten the landscape up
5035 Everyone singing, “Roll Out the Barrel!”

5036 That was a close one, Cocky, old chap!
5037 Planning to invade Iceland
5038 Siddie got squiffo on a single large Pernod
5039 The women all had straw hats with various feathers
5040 We are all wearing stars but everyone is being kind

5041 Most beautiful Spring day
5042 Women burdened by shopping baskets
5043 Ovarian cysts and dandruff
5044 As many as 1500 may have been drowned
5045 I took my leave for the present. Things to do

5046 When you long to be loved a madness grows
5047 Unable to sleep — too excited — rose at six
5048 Can no-one fins a remedy for this evil?
5049 Factories, gas-stations, used-car yards
5050 Wild excitement in Trafalgar Square

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