Saturday, January 16, 2016

January Prompts 5376-5400 

16 January 2016 - 09:45

5376 Not living but saving
5377 I am trying not to drown
5378 Make notes. I will be gone soon
5379 I want to go climbing on the Norfolk Broads
5380 Song for a sad bloke

5381 The yellow jacket, purple socks, a sill pony-tail
5382 This is a lovely sunny place where no-one cheats
5383 Signs saying Expectoration Forbidden
5384 There is nothing beyond here. Here is the finish
5385 But I don't WANT to prepare for old age

5386 Thomas would like to marry his goat but we can only allow a civil ceremony
5387 Clean, in between, starchy, proud
5388 Buy me a drink and I will lie to you for hours
5390 To sit on the harbour wall, catching nothing except soft low rays

5391 Now look David, he's a big bloke. You can't be serious
5392 I am tired of being this, there should be more
5393 We have made a science of it
5394 Son, I have decided all these debts will be yours
5395 Keys cut faces, trust me

5396 If suddenly every bird was bright red
5397 A nice big crowd, barefoot, sandals, robes, that sort of shit
5398 Twin beds, prostates, memories that ache and shift
5399 One day the world will be cat-less
5400 Dark men wearing grey, smiling thin smiles

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