Wednesday, January 06, 2016

January Prompts 4801-4825

06 January 2016 - 07:25

4801 A bloody great whoop of joy
4802 Offered a free trip to Budapest, but the guy is a homo so said no
4803 It's not about specifics, George, it's about Respect!
4804 Do the Chinese do humour?
4805 Dammit, man, it's about honor!

4806 I read French with difficulty
4807 Damn colander is full of holes!
4808 The damage is already done; they can do no more to us
4809 Tea?
4810 Met Nixon & wife in a cafe yesterday. Good conversation

4811 It's beginning to bore the shit out of me
4812 Lots of fireworks
4813 It will cost a pretty penny
4814 Let us sit upon a blanket and tell wild stories
4815 Found him an idiotic old fart of the worst kin

4816 No news except local title-tattle. Duck lays egg
4817 My new typewriter
4818 I've written an angry letter to the paper
4819 Fuck the Critics!
4820 They will pat you on the head to keep you down

4821 He is the biggest shit in England
4822 For sheer doggedness they are hard to beat
4823 I would like to be in on some movement
4824 Satellite
4825 A boatload of numpties

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