Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Prompts 5701-5725 

30th January 08:45

5701 I fear there are bugs in this bed
5702 Flogging has been restricted to a maximum of fifty lashes
5703 Margaret has lost more than three stone
5704 I understand your difficulties
5705 He cursed and threatened violence on me

5706 We drink cheap wine and cheer every bomb
5707 Miss Piggy has been banned fro Iranian TV
5708 I despise people who are nobodies
5709 I’ve done very little for two years now
5710 Bathed before breakfast in the loch

5711 We are headed for dark time
5712 Factory whistles, hooters and church bells
5713 My wife is very ugly
5714 I sent a box of chocolates
5715 They cheer the bombs that kill them

5716 Carrying a horse-collar and a butter-tub
5717 Then with a bob-curtsey and a wave she was off
5718 Shallowness is the greatest of evils
5719 Dreamt I was an insect
5720 I am gossiping with myself

5721 Two snaps. I looked like an undertaker
5722 She now has doubts about the solitary life
5723 I painted his wound with iodine
5724 I have become hideous
5725 Go to bed. You have made enough mistakes today

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