Friday, January 15, 2016

January Prompts 5301-5325 

15 January 2016 - 08:30

5301 Now it is summer, and in the Disco tent...
5302 Spare parts, shiny engineering
5303 The path is rough and treacherous with many ways to die
5304 In mink-lined taxis echoing with perfume
5305 The Gods need a break

5306 The voices of boys playing 
5308 A Pride of Old Soldiers
5309 They love the allotments, something to do
5310 He wrote. He made things

5311 We are not bloodthirsty. Note how we do not kill civilians
5312 And I say again, there s no money
5313 They are brave but they are not sailors
5314 Birds made of cardboard, cotton-wool clouds
5115 You are just as dead in your penthouse suite

5316 After the Funeral of the Mother
5317 My river cares, yours is indifferent
5318 TEDDY
5319 Would you be a loved wooden boat, a liner, or a fast silver racer?
5320 And left, his donkey-jacket, smelling of sweat and petrol

5321 Bottles of water, bottles of beer
5322 Yes, it's probably cancer, but only if I go to the doctor
5323 Because, when we turn on the tap, water comes
5324 A vomit of landlubbers.
5325 He hides his garibaldis in the second-top drawer 

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