Monday, January 04, 2016

January Prompts 4676-4700

04 January 2016 - 06:50

4676 The Regiment always first, goes without saying
4677 Bottomless, sad eyes, but as he watches screams well up, flames
4678 Blue sky that way, that way clouds
4679 A hunk of bread, a bowl of minted gravy
4680 I have never stood on a cliff and wanted to jump

4681 Once, in a forest, running on a trampoline of needles
4682 A deadly river, thirty feet from the church where we married
4683 Oh, the fat from smoked bacon!
4684 My mother, real tears
4685 Like a stone in deep water, like love that won't go

4696 Think ill of me, but I would like Cameron to die badly
4687 Done right, the smell of meat, the alleyway thing
4688 I would like to die for ten minutes, then dine out on white-light stories
4689 A boy sitting on a step
4690 Her resigned from the Tory Party and became a nun

4691 Dodging school, staring at Whitehead's clock
4692 But perhaps being a bastard is part of the process
4693 First home on Sports Day, except once
4694 A disgust of stale water 
4695 From the hill miner's terraces, their snaking tiles glistening in post-rain light

4696 Do you never wish for, once again that joy of your first snow?
4697 The boys are coming home. Pretend they are singing 
4698 I will run a bath, put out a tot each
4699 The very existence of wind
4700 Businessmen can now by bespoke needles with a ten foot eye

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