Thursday, January 07, 2016

January Prompts 4901-4925 

07 January 2016 - 17:30

4901 Of old, now empty, places
4902 How happy I am to be alone
4903 Pain and anxiety are dominating everything
4904 The smell of camphor on her furs
4905 A pretty girl in a light blue dress

4906 Homo Ignoramus
4907 The President Preens on an Aircraft Carrier
4908 A Priest, a Bishop, A Pope
4809 How we remained clean, how we were perfumed
4910 You drive your wife to church, the children to Sunday School

4911 Waving her tits on a train
4912 Tyrant
4913 I summered here happily until I discovered women
4914 There are many ways to crucify a man
4915 I need to seek to a real person

4916 The telephone rings early in the morning
4917 Suddenly I was overcome by melancholy
4918 A dark sky moves in above us
4919 I need a little fresh air
4920 The comments come, but this is nothing

4921 A brief re-assessment may be in order
4922 I am tired but this too will pass
4923 To disguise nothing, to conceal nothing
4924 Tom dropped dead this afternoon, outside McDonalds
4925 A face half-seen in a passing car 

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