Monday, January 11, 2016

January Prompts 5101-5125 
11 January 2016 - 15:30

5101 He is not too difficult to pick out
5102 We are from the same village but we were not friends
5103 He grew grenades from old shell fragments
5104 We walked the same way to the fields
5105 The twat understands Borges

5106 They say I pretended to die, but kept walking
5107 Walked the same path home
5108 The say I pretended to lie, and never stopped walking
5109 I loved a girl and he loved the same girl
5110 I think I'll get up now, have breakfast and then leave

5111 Paralysed before the blade
5112 Our mothers knew each other
5113 The cruel finality of the shutter
5114 Our fathers smoked together
5115 The things which once I saw I cannot even feel

5116 Trumpets, horses, flashing shields
5117 Full of grace
5118 Father, I have heard His words
5119 Catch me if you can-can
5120 Now I am centre-stage and dumb

5121 The path you have to walk alone
5122 His love for her dry sand in a closed dull hand
5123 With sparkling streams and rocks aflutter
5124 Then she began to bleed
5125 Bears once, Wolves once, Great Elks, now fat Americans

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