Thursday, January 07, 2016

January Prompts 4876-4900 

07 January 2016 - 09:10

4876 I am pleased to find you still alive 
4877 We expect a return over 40 years of about a million
4878 I was at sea but they found me, badgered for the rights
4879 He worked then for The Rhymney iron Company
4880 The boys will draw £4,000 a year, so are secure

4881 It very nearly finished me
4882 My body will be in the graveyard at Mynyddislwyn 
4883 He is what some call a confirmed bachelor. Take what you will of that
4884 The worry almost overwhelmed me and I am much older for it
4885 My people have gathered there for centuries

4886 I have gone back to 1610 looking only at the legitimate line
4887 Coal shines but is easily broken
4888 His first wife was a James, from good stock
4889 We have been at Ty Gwyn for sure since that date, and many dates before that I would surmise
4890 He sold the land but kept the mineral rights

4891 Your father's cousin had a fine public house in Usk, boarders accepted
4892 The mother died in 96 and the father got entangled with a servant girl
4893 Many registers are badly faded, a few water-damaged
4894 but not for the hussy became his second wife
4895 The records further back are difficult

4896 A host of bastards were produced!
4897 In 1782 the first Edmund Edmunds is recorded
4899 For his soul he married her
4900 He kept the property intact for the family

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