Monday, January 18, 2016

January Prompts 5476-5500 

18 January 2016 - 21:20

5476 A tradesman was attacked outside his shop
5477 A dentist murdered in his rooms
5478 I have invested in a revolver
5479 I was swatted down whenever I tried to speak
5480 Two very sick men

5481 She knows which horses are being pulled
5482 He made me want to vote Communist
5483 Mustapha will be in trouble with his master
5484 I would rather be comfortable than beautiful
5485 I am clearly convinced I should marry

5486 There is a drowned mouse in the swimming pool
5487 Why do I wake at three every morning?
5488 This life is drab and dreary
5489 Dinner at a nice place on the harbour. Beautiful fish
5490 The older soldiers are against it

5491 Smashed bottles everywhere 
5492 A secret visit to a disreputable place
5493 A bicycle, a bedstead, a cooking pot
5494 The king is not in favour
5495 Drank rather too much

5496 Was lascivious with a strumpet
5497 I like their good hour and friendliness
5498 Snow fell during the night
5499 All those displays of white teeth
5500 It's a sin not to grin

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